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I think every woman should have a blowtorch”

                -Julia Child

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American Potage
Apple Soup
Baked Bean Soup
Cape Cod Clam Chowder
Chicken Meringue Soup
Corn Chowder
Cream of Almond Soup
Cream Of Carrot Soup
Cream of Onion Soup
Cream Of Salmon Soup
Creamy Potato Soup
Cream of Spinach Soup
French Onion Soup
Jellied Watercress Soup
Luncheon Soup
Oxtail Soup
Oyster Stew
Peanut Butter Soup
Rice and Cabbage Soup
Rutabaga Cheese Soup
Soy Bean Soup
Speedy Vegetable Soup
Spicy Tomato Soup
Split Pea Soup
Starter Tomato Soup
Tart Lima Bean Soup
Turkey Soup
Wine Soup

Apple Sandwich Filling
Bacon and Pickle Sandwiches
Beef-Egg Scramble
Chicken a la King Sandwiches
Chilaly Sandwiches
Club Sandwiches
Cucumber and Egg Sandwiches
Cucumber, Onion and Pickle Sandwiches
Denver Sandwich
Egg and Bacon Sandwiches
French Toast Sandwich
Ham and Banana Sandwiches
Ham and Cranberry Sandwiches
Kidney Bean Sandwiches
Liverwurst Sandwich Filling
Louisiana Club
Pepper Sandwiches
Puffed Cheese Sandwiches
Raisin Sandwiches
Sardine Sandwiches
Shrimp-Cucumber Shapes
Slim Jim Burger
Spiedini Sandwich Loaf
Square-Meal Biscuit Sandwiches
Swiss, Ham and Tomato Sandwiches
Toasted Beef Sandwich
Toasty Cheese Buns
Tuna Burgers
Tuna-Cucumber Sandwiches


Cooked Salad Dressing
Pepper-Onion Mayonnaise